Week 10 Challenge

For the Week 10 Challenge, I gave my thoughts about the Student Blogging Challenge and I surveyed my friend and classmate, Aidan S.

I think the blogging challenge has good things and bad things.

the good things:

  • it lets interact with kids your own age that could be in your class or across the world
  • it helps your writing a lot
  • you learn a lot more about the internet and how to use it efficiently
the bad things:
  • there were some really unorganized blogs that had good posts but were impossible to find
  • the challenges were tie consuming
  • some challenges were really boring
My interview/survey with Aidan S.
Questions and Responses/Answers
Q: When you saw my blog, what was going on through your head about it?
R/S: It was well written and brought out the best of your writing.
Q: What did you think of my widgets and all of my sidebar?
R/S: I felt that your widgets were apropriate and necessary and that your sidebar was full of interesting widgets.
Q: Did you like my posts and the organization of my blog or not and why?
R/S: Well, I THOUGHT that your blog’s posts were very detailed and very well written.
Q: Overall, what did you think of our classes blogging and student blogging challenge experience(s)?
R/S: I liked at times and other times I didn’t but overall it was a positive experience for all of us I think.

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