Week 10 Challenge

For the Week 10 Challenge, I gave my thoughts about the Student Blogging Challenge and I surveyed my friend and classmate, Aidan S.

I think the blogging challenge has good things and bad things.

the good things:

  • it lets interact with kids your own age that could be in your class or across the world
  • it helps your writing a lot
  • you learn a lot more about the internet and how to use it efficiently
the bad things:
  • there were some really unorganized blogs that had good posts but were impossible to find
  • the challenges were tie consuming
  • some challenges were really boring
My interview/survey with Aidan S.
Questions and Responses/Answers
Q: When you saw my blog, what was going on through your head about it?
R/S: It was well written and brought out the best of your writing.
Q: What did you think of my widgets and all of my sidebar?
R/S: I felt that your widgets were apropriate and necessary and that your sidebar was full of interesting widgets.
Q: Did you like my posts and the organization of my blog or not and why?
R/S: Well, I THOUGHT that your blog’s posts were very detailed and very well written.
Q: Overall, what did you think of our classes blogging and student blogging challenge experience(s)?
R/S: I liked at times and other times I didn’t but overall it was a positive experience for all of us I think.

Week 9 Challenge: Count out three

For the Week 9 Challenge, I visited one jaw-dropping blog and left a comment. But, I did get frustrated while visiting this blog because… My internet did not work well!!!!!!!!!!!! SUPER ANNOYING!!!!!!!!!!!!! But, when I finally got to this blog, my jaw literally dropped!!

I visited Jarrod’s blog, he had more than 6,700 visitors already and he only started his Clustr Map less than a year ago! Wow! I was fascinated! He is a great writer and I really love the poem that he wrote recently for Mother’s Day. It looked like a professional poem author! Jarrod did an awesome job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S. He is only 8 or 9 years old and he was a student blogging challenge finalist last year! Amazing!!!!!!!

Why Standardized Testing is Good and Bad

There are a couple of reasons why standardized testing is both good and bad.

The good reasons:

  • If you do well on them from when they start to when they end, they can help you get a very good job
  • It helps teachers know what they need to teach more and better and what they are teaching well
  • When you get the results, you know what to study harder for and what you are doing well at
  • If you do well, it brings joy
  • Sometimes, you actually learn while taking the tests

The bad reasons:

  • If you do bad, you will be upset
  • If you do poorly from start to end on them then it might hurt your chances of getting a good job
  • A computer grades them and computers make mistakes
  • You don’t learn much from them
  • It takes up a lot of time and kids complain a lot because of them

There are many good and bad reasons for standardized testing. I don’t mind them because I normally do pretty well and it lets me know what I am doing well at but also what I need to work. But, I still think they are huge waste of time and I’d be very happy without them.

Week 8 Student Blog Challenge


Most of the people that are reading this can’t even imagine what life would be like without water or drinking of unhealthy and dirty water. I can almost fully guarantee that none of us have ever experienced extreme thirst or drinking of unhealthy and disease-filled water and we will probably never have to. But, what is so sad is that we can be unthankful for water and not care if we leave the sink running for 3 or 4 minutes on accident because water is always available to us even though other people in the world would sacrifice so much to just get one sip of clean and purified water.

There are people who experience extreme thirst every single day and night even though when we don’t finish our glass of water at dinner, we just pour the rest of it out and put in the sink or dishwasher. We need to be much more thankful for clean, purified, and drinkable water because all of our situations could be a lot worse.

Wouldn’t you hate to be in the position of one of these people?

I sure would hate to be in the same position as one of these people.

One way to start by doing that but we also need to think of ways to help those people in need of clean and purified water. I know you all may think, “Oh, I am too busy and I never have time to donate money this organization” and you all might think “I am just too lazy and I just don’t feel like it.” But, just think to yourself, “What if one of those people suffering from extreme thirst was me?” Wouldn’t you want people to donate to charities that can help you get clean and drinkable water? I think you’d respond YES. So just please check out this site and please just donate a couple of dollars, euros, or whatever form of money you have where you live because you could change someone’s life. You can think to yourself, “But this is only going to help a couple of people even though there are a lot more suffering.” But, if you donate and spread the word, others will start donating and then, next thing you know, the suffering of extreme thirst will be almost 100% over. 100% over.

If you still won’t do it, just think of it as that saying that says, “If you keep on collecting pennies, they will turn into nickels, then into dimes, then quarters, then 1 dollar bills, then 5 dollar bills, then 10 dollar bills, then 20 dollar bills, then 50 dollar bills, then 100 dollar bills, etc. (you get the point)” You can think of this in a way of donating instead of collecting like you donate 25 cents a day, soon then 25 cents a day turn into $7.50 to $7.75 cents in a month and then it all adds up, especially if other people do it too. So, please spread the word because there are about 7 billion people on Earth and about a 900 million people are suffering from extreme thirst and the more we all spread the word, and the more everyone donates, extreme thirst will be 100% over.

The site I have been talking about this whole time is called water.org.

Here is a video from their site.

Here are a couple of facts about extreme thirst around the world and the effects of it.

  • 884 million people in the world lack access to clean and drinkable water (by drinkable, I mean healthy water without things that can give a disease)
  • about 3.6 million people in the world die each year from water-related disease
  • An American person taking a five minute shower uses more water than a normal person in a developing country slum uses in a whole day
  • 1 child dies every 20 seconds because of water-related disease, that is 180 children every hour
  • The majority of water-related disease/illness is caused by waste or fecal matter because only 10% of human waste is treated and the rest goes into our lakes, rivers, and oceans
  • Take a look at this photo 
  • Most people in the world cannot take a hot shower, get clean water from the tap, and be able to flush away yesterday’s dinner
  • In just one single day, 200 million work hours are consumed total around the world by women getting water for their families, that is enough work hours in one day to build 28 Empire State Buildings
After these facts, I really hope that you would donate and spread the word about this horrible thing going on in the world. Just a little bit. Please. I am doing the same.
One question for everyone and feel free to answer in a comment. Have you ever had an experience where you were extremely thirsty and were you actually in extreme thirst or were you over-exaggerating and what was it like? Also, have you ever tasted really dirty and unhealthy water?
Some other blogs
I made this post because it is part of the blogging challenge and I personally think it is a serious thing and something has to be done.